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A guild among friends on the realm Bladefist, WoW.
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 About Infinitum!

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PostSubject: About Infinitum!   About Infinitum! Icon_minitime1Tue 1 Mar 2011 - 22:26

Infinitum is a PvE-guild on the server Bladefist-EU with focus on the latest raid content in a 25-man format.

Most of our members have known eachother and raided together since WotLK. Many of us have experience going back to Vanilla/Tbc WoW. Our goal is to progress and have fun while doing it! At the same time we believe in a "quality over quantity" motto- that one should be able to combine good raiding with IRL activities like work/studies etc.

This means that although we do not have the schedule that many hardcore guilds may have - when we raid, we are serious about it and expect everyone to pull their own weight and then a bit more! In other words, you should have excellent class knowledge and have experience from progression raiding. You should also have good social characteristics since we are a tightly knit team of players and want to keep a good social atmosphere withing the guild.

If you constantly use words like "scrub" and "noob" or are allergic to wipes during progression. Then you are not the person we are looking for!


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About Infinitum!
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