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A guild among friends on the realm Bladefist, WoW.
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 Xvim Shadow Priest Social App (see below inside) (Accepted)

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Xvim Shadow Priest Social App (see below inside) (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Xvim Shadow Priest Social App (see below inside) (Accepted)   Xvim Shadow Priest Social App (see below inside) (Accepted) Icon_minitime1Fri 18 Nov 2011 - 22:29

Name: Emil

Age: 22

Character name: Xvim

Class: Priest

Mainspec/offspec: Shadow PvE, offspec is Disc PvP

Professions: Herb/Alch


List you experince in vanilla/tbc/wotlk/cata raids. If you have pre-cata experience, keep it to the character- and gear level it was designed for!
I started playing at the start of Wotlk, made myself to the top at that time progressing Lich King 25hc, fighting for server 1st against Sanity.

Do you have any alts that you have raid experience with? Armory link(s):
Not worth mentioning.

What addons do you use?
I use DBM and Skada for raiding. I like it simple.

Incase you have an offspec - Do you have experience/gear for raiding with it?
Its a PvP spec.

Describe you key bindings, rotations/priority and macros for your mainspec and offspec respectively:
1 - Shadow word: Pain
2 - Devouring Plague
3 - Mind Flay
4 - Mind Blast
5 - Vampiric Touch
6 - Mind Spike
R - Shadow word: Death
F - Dispersion
F2 - Fade
F3 - Mind sear
D - Dispel magic
V - Shadowfiend

No need for macros in PvE. Multidotting with focus is easy for me since i actually do PvP.

As to rotation, it's keeping dots up and using fillers in the meantime. And always to apply dots with empowered shadows active.

For DPS classes/specs - What is your average DPS in a typical 10/25-man raid boss fight. Linking a screenshot showing 5 minutes on the raider's target dummy (or until you run out of mana) is a big plus! I think this is irrevelant to this application. See why below.

Earlier guild(s). Why did you leave or get kicked?: I stopped playing back in March due to real life issues. Now i've returned and my guild has disbanded/migrated. The guild's name was Ancient.

Can you manage to attend raids on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 19:00-23:00 on a regular basis? Yes.

Do you follow instructions during raids and can you handle criticism from the leaders? I do.

Do you have the habit of reading up on all new encounters? Do you stay up to date with class changes? I do have that habit. I'm just rusty from being inactive for so long.

Are you able to supply yourself with sufficient amounts for flasks, potions and power food for each raid? Yes.

Have you got ventrilo and a working microphone? Do you have an easy time communicating during raids? I have ventrillo and a working microphone. And i do have easy time communicating, but i do it rare, because i believe i do my job proper.

Is there anything that can force you to go AFK during raids? The only time i was afk during a raid is because my electricity stopped. Very Happy

On a scale from 1-10, how stable is your internet connection? 9, rare disconnect.

Tell us a little about yourself (optional): I play guitar and i study engineering. what is there much to know ?

Do you know anyone in the guild? Cuttingdeep (she kicked me from Deadfist, it was already a disbanding guild and i poisoned the atmosphere a bit too much back then, willing to work on smoothing our relationship. I don't think she can say anything bad for me as a player, maybe as a person) , Zambilici(Zambiiiiii) and Maglight(we were in Ancient together).

Tell us briefly, using your own words - Why do you like to raid and why should we consider your application over others?
Let me say that i'm applying as a social for know, because i was inactive for so long that this application reeks of unseriousness at the moment. When i gear up a little bit more i'd like to be tested, because I believe i'm a quality player, and that i can fit your ranks well. This char used to be named Kuker, some may know me. I like raiding mainly because of inside guild jokes and the opportunity to work as a team for a common goal; and let's not forget lore (who cares about it? i do !). I've talked to Scrye, he seemed understanding, but told me to apply. I'm awaiting your answer.
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Xvim Shadow Priest Social App (see below inside) (Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xvim Shadow Priest Social App (see below inside) (Accepted)   Xvim Shadow Priest Social App (see below inside) (Accepted) Icon_minitime1Fri 18 Nov 2011 - 22:40

Since you're currently looking for a social spot, I will let you in. When you gear up, we'll try you out. You made a good impression on me. And a quality player is something I won't say no to Wink

Just message anyone in the guild for an invite.
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Xvim Shadow Priest Social App (see below inside) (Accepted)
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