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A guild among friends on the realm Bladefist, WoW.
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 Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....)

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Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Empty
PostSubject: Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....)   Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Icon_minitime1Fri 24 Feb 2012 - 16:13


Age: I'm 18.

Nationality: Danish.

Character name: Zunï.

Class: Mage.

Mainspec/offspec: Fire & Arcane

Professions: I'm currently leveling my Engineering, but I'm gonna switch to Herb soonish. inscrip - 502.

How did you get information about Infinitum? My god joined Infinitum a while ago ( Psychod ) and on Wowprogress aswell =D

Armory-link: ( ignore the recent news ) had a faction change.

List you experince in vanilla/tbc/wotlk/cata raids. If you have pre-cata experience, keep it to the character- and gear level it was designed for!
Vanilla - Didn't play back there ;d
Black temple - Clear.
Gruul - Clear.
SSC - a few bosses down.
Kara - Clear.
Mag - Missing.
TK - Clear.
MH - Missing.
SP - Clear.

Wotlk -
ICC Clear.
ICC hc - clear.
VoA - Never done VoA on this Oo
Nax - Only kel'thuzad ( lulz )
OS - Clear. Including 3d.
Uld - Clear.
Ony - clear.

Cata -
BH - 3/3 =o
Bwd - 6/6 - 1/6 hc.
BoT - 4/4 - 1/5 hc.
Tot - 2/2 - 0 heroic on this tho. ( Conclave on my dk! )
Firelands - 7/7 norm, 6/7 heroic.
Dragon Soul - 8/8 norm, 4/8 heroic. Done ult and warmaster to less than 20% left lol..

Do you have any alts that you have raid experience with? Armory link(s):

What addons do you use? Mage Nuggets. Scorchio!, myBigIgnite, Dominos, Shadowed UF, Combustion Helper, Recount, sexy map, KgPanels, Deadly boss mods.

Incase you have an offspec - Do you have experience/gear for raiding with it? Yeah. I was Arcane the most of my time, i've been playing mage. Good dps, good dmg. Nothing there.

Describe you key bindings, rotations/priority and macros for your mainspec and offspec respectively:
Keybinds arcane -
Arcane blast - 1

Arcane missiles - 2

Arcane barrage - 3

Arcane explosion - Ctr-4

Blow cooldowns macro - 5

Spellsteal - 7

Blink macro - Shift 6

Blink without macro - 6

Arcane power - T

Mana gem - Q

Counterspell - 9

Presence of Mind - R

Iceblock - 8

Flame orb - F

Polymorph - Z

Evocation - V

Ring of frost - Ctr X.

Keybinds fire -

1- Fireball.

2- Living bomb.

3- Pyroblast.

4- Mirror Image.

5- Combustion.

6- Blink.

7- blast wave.

8- Cooldowns.

9- pot.

f1- Fireblast.

f2- Ice block.

V- Evocation.

G- Molten armor.

H- Arcane Brilliance..

ctr-Z - Mage ward.

F- Flame orb.

R- Dragon's breath.

Macros :
#showtooltip Blink
/cast Blink - always good, if you're casting fireball or something, and you need to move fast.
- #showtooltip Counterspell
/cast [target=mouseover,harm] Counterspell;Counterspell
/cast [exists,harm] Counterspell
Counterspells my mouse over, if not any mouse over, it'll counter my target.
#showtooltip Polymorph
/cast [target=focus] Polymorph
I want to refresh that sheep I did earlier, without loosing my current target.

Rot : Fire :

Prepot - Mirror images, Pyroblast for the critical mass. Living bomb, Flame orb. Spam fireball and keep Living bomb up. When Hot streak process then cast it, and pop Combustion ( depends on the phase etc etc ). Still keeping living bomb up.

For DPS classes/specs - What is your average DPS in a typical 10/25-man raid boss fight. Linking a screenshot showing 5 minutes on the raider's target dummy (or until you run out of mana) is a big plus!
Screenie 1 :
Screenie 2 :
I'm prob around 35-45 k dps. I did 51k on Heroic Ult 25 man back in Sanity. ;p

Earlier guild(s). Why did you leave or get kicked?: I left Sanity due their Raid times. They didn't fit that great. I joined Has Left the guild as a social in the beginning ( irl friends ) Then i was trying out raider. But the g2 is slacking like hell in there. We did one raid while i was there.

Can you manage to attend raids on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 19:00-23:00 on a regular basis? Yeah. Always.

Do you follow instructions during raids and can you handle criticism from the leaders? Yes. Critism is what improves us ;p I'm always following the info we're getting.

Do you have the habit of reading up on all new encounters? Do you stay up to date with class changes? Yes. Using mmo, elitistjerks.

Are you able to supply yourself with sufficient amounts for flasks, potions and power food for each raid? Yes. Volcanic, draconic, and Fortune card.

Have you got ventrilo and a working microphone? Do you have an easy time communicating during raids? Yeah. Installed and a working mic. I must say that I'm mostly talking if its needed. Or getting asked a question =P But ye.

Is there anything that can force you to go AFK during raids? Nop. Not at all.

On a scale from 1-10, how stable is your internet connection? It's deffo 10. Never having any dc's or lag.

Tell us a little about yourself (optional):

Do you know anyone in the guild? PSYCHOD!! ( MY GOD )

Tell us briefly, using your own words - Why do you like to raid and why should we consider your application over others?
Because im a dedicated player who constantly tries to get the best out of my class and improve skills and i can take constructive criticism without raging ;p.
I love raiding cuz, when you're progressing a boss, and you finally killed it after 1000 wipes. It feels great. Love raiding as much as i love the game. And I've always did.

/much love Zunï.
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Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....)   Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Icon_minitime1Sat 25 Feb 2012 - 0:01

Hello. I think your app looks very good, so does your progress and all sorts of things. I see that you've joined the guild for now, I'm not sure wheter it's as social or if someone granted you a trial spot. (Which I hope you didn't Psychod!) But I will have to have a word with our guys before i'll give you an answer. Since we do have an active mage in the guild right now.
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Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....)   Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Icon_minitime1Sat 25 Feb 2012 - 0:21

Ye. I was put on trial for G2 i think. Got told by Psychod to make an app aswell. =P
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Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....)   Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Icon_minitime1Tue 28 Feb 2012 - 18:23

Wasnt me! Apply looking very good zuni Wink
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Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....)   Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....) Icon_minitime1

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Zunï - Fire Mage. (Accepted....)
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