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A guild among friends on the realm Bladefist, WoW.
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 Xantîz,fire mage application :)

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Xantîz,fire mage application :) Empty
PostSubject: Xantîz,fire mage application :)   Xantîz,fire mage application :) Icon_minitime1Wed 22 Aug 2012 - 14:25

Jakša,nickname Jale



Character name:


my main pve spec is fire,and pvp is frost

alchemy/herbalism,but i can re-roll raid professions if that is required of me.

How did you get information about Infinitum?
wowprogress,and friend,who was at the time part of infinitum


List you experince in vanilla/tbc/wotlk/cata raids. If you have pre-cata experience, keep it to the character- and gear level it was designed for!
on old hacked account i had 80 paladin Xantiz and 80 dk Utred (horde) and 73 mage(alliance,my 1st char).can check all that with my GM if you have any doubts.

on paladin i healed full tier 4 with Farmers,then i switched to Dragonsblood Tribe and healed SSC 3/6 TK 3/4 HS 2/5 and after BT nerf i did 2 bosses there as dps(alliance mage).sadly time didnt allow me to do more even though i wanted to.
wotlk experience includes healing full nax 25,dpsing with DK 10man version,and first 3 bosses of ulduar(as well as tanking 2 bosses with DK).

after my break(see below),and founding out that my old account is hacked i created new account and got geared up for raiding on the very last lockout on FL so iv only experienced 3 normal and 2 hc bosses there.
Farmers(the guild i am in now) has DS normal on farm but we are struggling with other bosses even after the nerf,and i fear the same thing will happend in mop(and thats why i am applying here in the 1st place)
i took a break after ulduar came out and after that i found out that my account is hacked when i tried to merge it with battle net.i got back in the game in feb 2011.

Do you have any alts that you have raid experience with? Armory link(s):
i was tanking few DS bosses with my DK,but after a while i wanted to focus more on my mage

Is your computer able to handle 25 man content?
im playing on laptop,but since its meant for gaming it can handle it with no problem whatsoever.

What addons do you use?
DMB,Combustion Helper,Mage Nuggets,Recount,Tidy Plates.those are worth mentioning over minor ones such as Prat or SellOMatic Smile

In case you have an offspec - Do you have experience/gear for raiding with it?
before i switched to fire i was using arcane all the time so i am experienced in it.

Describe you key bindings, rotations/priority and macros for your mainspec and offspec respectively:
4>Fire Blast
8>Blast Wave
9>Ring of Frost
S+Q>Frost Nova
Shift+3>Mirror Image
Shift+4>Flame Orb
Shift+5>Cone of cold
Shift+F>Dragons Breath
T>Combustion Macro:
#showtooltip Combustion
/cast Combustion

in adiition,as this is pve oriented guild i will try to point out some pros and cons of fire spec that i am currently enjoying playing pve with.

pros > --realy good AOE damage if combustion is spread at the right time with impact you can top the damage meter
--mobile powerhouse!(can cast impoved flamestrike,living bomb,pyroblast from hot streak,scorch,blast wave).if you see fire mage moving and doing nothing to push the dps then
you know he aint doing it right!
--can cast scorch even if oom;if put point in the talent (though scorch isnt recommended in proper fire mage rotation,it surly beats watching others pounding the boss and you doing

cons > --that infamous RNG..sometimes you could be topping the damage meter and sometimes you could be cursing the fire gods for not giving you the right RNG to show your potential
--as fire mage we are dependant (too much maybe?) on crit

For DPS classes/specs - What is your average DPS in a typical 10/25-man raid boss fight. Linking a screenshot showing 5 minutes on the raider's target dummy (or until you run out of mana) is a big plus!
it depends of what boss of course and if RNG is kind to me.
note that i was not usin flask,TW or food buffs.

Earlier guild(s). Why did you leave or get kicked?:
i only left Farmers in TBC for Dragonsblood Tribe for progress(wanted to experience t5),after that when i realized that im wont be able to attend all raids and that my spot will eventualy be taken i left DBT and rejoined Farmers,with which iv been in whole wotlk and cata era career.

Can you manage to attend raids on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 19:00-23:00 on a regular basis?
Yes.and willing to do more during progression raids if the guild needs me.

Do you follow instructions during raids and can you handle criticism from the leaders?
Yes,and i can handle criticism as long as its well founded.

Do you have the habit of reading up on all new encounters? Do you stay up to date with class changes?
I always look into boss tactics and watch videos of the encounter.besides that i ofter read up on EJ concerning my class.

Are you able to supply yourself with sufficient amounts for flasks, potions and power food for each raid?
I am an alchemist,so i make lots of potions and flasks and i always have spares so if someones forgot to bring it somehow,i can provide for them.of course as i said before,if guilds needs me to switch to raiding professions like JC and tailoring i will do it with no hesitation.

Have you got ventrilo and a working microphone? Do you have an easy time communicating during raids?
I have inbuilt mic on laptop and working ventrilo so i never had any problems with communication.i speak fluent english so speaking is not the problem for me.

Is there anything that can force you to go AFK during raids?

On a scale from 1-10, how stable is your internet connection?
9.since i am using mobile modem connection,i sometimes get dc at 00:00 as connection type changes due to payment plan.

Tell us a little about yourself (optional):
as i im currently studying so i have lots of free time,so i spend it working out,relaxing with my rl friends and playing wow anywhere from 3 to 6 hours daily.if guild needs while progress raiding i could raid most nights of the week

Do you know anyone in the guild?
maybe zambilici remembers me healing back in TBC or wotlk when he was in farmers.other than him i dont think i recognize anyone else sadly.

Tell us briefly, using your own words - Why do you like to raid and why should we consider your application over others?
back in the TBC era when i started raiding,that feeling which i experienced while 10 man and even more 25 man,is one of the best thing this game has to offer and that is group effort and dedication of achieving one specific goal,and that is to overcome the challenge that we have ahead of us TOGETHER,not alone but with cooperation and commitment of the entire group.and i believe that feeling is what separates wow from other games and even other mmos,and towards all good guilds need to strive for,and in the end all that mental effort and commitment is rewarded by the thought that our small group(or should i call it family) proved better then others and succeeded in downing specific boss.i see some people wanting only to raid because of the loot,and they even dont put 100% of their effort in raid,and still they expect the loot(proof of overcoming the challenge) to be handed over to them like their mommas thought is if people like these were in minority,we would have many more,"top notch"guilds,and guilds that actually raid because of the thrill of downing boss or completing specific achievements.

p.s. sorry for the wall of text and thanks for reading my application.hope i hear from you soon even though i know you are busy cheers

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Xantîz,fire mage application :) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Xantîz,fire mage application :)   Xantîz,fire mage application :) Icon_minitime1Wed 22 Aug 2012 - 19:39

We have changed our website to If you'd like to make an apply, do it there.
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Xantîz,fire mage application :)
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